About Us

We are True Christian Missions of Comfort, a Church with an outpouring of sacrificial love.

TCMC Statement!

Vision Statement

To fill the earth with the true comfort of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

To fill the earth with the message of the truth and comfort of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

TCMC is sent to present the true comfort of Jesus Christ to mankind through different forms of the ministries of help.

TCMC is sent to train and raise Anchormen who will fill their communities with the true comfort of Jesus Christ.

We enjoy studing the Word of God

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Closer to God


The Task of the TCMC Anchormen.

As Anchormen, we shall work as middlemen or mediator to fulfill the work of grace of reaching out to the poor, and the broken-hearted; those in captivity, those that are bounds and those that mourn.

Bringing unto them the words and act of true comfort as laid down in Isaiah 61. Through this, the Anchormen of true comfort will shine the Light of Truth and bring Glory to God Almighty.

Program Timing

Every Wednesdays

  • Bible Study
  • 06:30PM

Every Sundays

  • Celebration Service
  • 10:00AM

Love to Pray For You!

Send us your prayer request or praise report below or email us at talktous@tcmcomfort.org